company with glocal technology
intelfab 2013 riga-box Personal Factory proceeds its international expansion (Russia, Brazil, Egypt,...) and launches a new business model: intelFAB. Strong of its success, it aroused the interest of a third Venture Capital fund, Atlante: they follow a capital increase and a conversion into a corporation.
After being selected in many national and international contests (Working Capital, Best Practices, CleanTech, ...), Personal Factory does not stop on the way of innovation, in autumn the new plant ORIGAMI 5 is released, associated with the new management and traceability software CLOUD FAB2.0. 2012 best-practices-2012
smau-2011 2011 One year after its launch, the system is very successful. Thanks to its high technological innovation, Personal Factory was selected for its excellence in “innovation paths” within SMAU, and for Forum PA's “innovation workshop" in Rome. Besides, “cloud manufacturing” innovation was also selected for the 2011 “Italia degli innovatori” contest, Russia and China edition.
ORIGAMI 4 is launched onto the market. The most advanced system in the world becomes available for everyone. With a small investment, everyone can become a producer. Long distance transports are reduced by 95%. Personal Factory was chosen to represent Italian excellence on Shanghai UNIVERSAL EXPO. 2010 shanghai-2010
tt-venture 2009 Performance of the system is so good that it attracts the interest of venture capitals by VERTIS SGR and FONDAMENTA SGR. Personal Factory srl is founded. Personal Factory srl becomes the core of a group of six companies operating in the field of higher technology for the construction business.
The Personal Factory project is shortlisted for the EUROPEAN VENTURE CONTEST, i.e., the most important European contest for highly innovative projects. ORIGAMI 3 takes up service. It is the first compact, high productivity system in the world for production of mortars and chemical products, and it is wholly digitalized. ORIGAMI 3 is put into service for long term tests on the field. 2008 logoPF-vecchio
prototipo 2007 Thanks to the innovation degree of the project, funds of the European Union for innovation (PIA) are granted. Research workers are employed for studying the system and the first working prototype ORIGAMI 2 with the first software platform ORIGAMI CONTROL 1.0 are developed.
From the work of Giuseppe Tassone’s son, Francesco, and from a cooperation with the University of Trento the Personal Factory project is born. The first microplant system is modellized. 2004 2002 img
2003 img 2003 N.T.C. begins production operations. C.I.T. is turned into a company only focused on research. The first nanometric additives for control of efflorescences are developed.
The microproduction system becomes an entire plant. N.T.C. (Nuove Tecnologie del Cemento) is founded. It is the most important existing microproduction plant, its extreme standards become economically accessible to all companies, it is possible to produce our complex products to an accessible price. 2002 ntc-medium
1988 img 1988 Due to the impossibility of getting on the market materials elaborate and complex enough for these applications, the first microproduction plant is born, starting with mixtures of max. 100 kg containing tens of different additives, i.e., the first ISOLMIX range. The operation of this first plant is basically manual.
Internationally experienced Giuseppe Tassone founds c.i.t. as a highly specialized centre on the average that works at the limit of the technically possible: counterthrust proofings, sea jobs, application of mortars under water, interventions in stratum, finishings in difficult environments. 1982 1982 img