Origami 5 is a patented plant for producing chemical premixes for construction industry. In only 6 square meters, it saves raw materials (cement, sand, lime,...), doses them, mixes them with the chemical compound, bags it all and tracks the entire production. From this year, there are over 100 innovations for an update that raises the technical limits. New blades with more complex and efficient profile, new mixing and bagging logic, new cleaning system with an air flow and especially a very innovative and very fast valve for powders, realized with a single block in INOX, which enables it to open and close more times per second. New software with improved UI with an exclusive logic full Cloud. The electronics are equipped with the new inverters, twice as powerful and twice as efficient. More types of products and packages are possible.
fast clean




New automatic cleaning procedure even faster and more efficient.
In less than 5 minutes, you can thoroughly clean the entire system.



   VHTM 2


Very High Turbulent Mixing 2. Evolution of Personal Factory patented technology.
Complete and efficient mixing in less than 45 seconds.

 variable spin packaging 


Evolution of patented Spin Packaging technology. Centrifugal force to bagging.
The most compact packaging system in the world.