tech specs

embedded 4 core Fan Less PC

resistant 17'' colour Touch Screen

Personal Factory HDBoard with 54 I/O with Ethernet Shield

laser bar code scanner

Ethernet switch with 8 ports

4 communication web servers integrated including 1 Personal Factory EEPROM Server 1.0


CloudFab 2.0


2 upper bins - 1.400 liters of 4 mm welded plate

2 lower bins - 2.500 liters of 4 mm welded plate


frame with U-profiles in steel cm 100x50x8

weighing hopper

3 load cells of 300 kg each



very high turbulence intensity turbo mixer

VHTM 2 technology


adjustable nozzle

cast iron base


the plant can work only with dry raw materials

internet connection should be preferably via router

pressed air supply 8 bar, capacity 180 Nl/min with tube Ø 12 mm

power connection 400 V three phases, with plug 32 A-3P+T, with minimum availability 10 kW

plant dimensions cm 4 X 4 X 5,5H

availability of a mechanic elevator with minimum lifting capacity 2,000 kg