economical benefits of the system


A truck, which transports the chemical products in powder for the construction, is consisted of about 20 pallets. If we divide those pallets under the main ingredients, we would see:costituzione-camion

Where the aggregates are silica sand or carbonate; the mineral binders are hydrated or air lime; or cement; or gypsum. The chemicals are the difficult components of the product. Why should we transport raw materials over long distances when they are present all over the world? We have made a different choice. To produce at 0 km using local raw materials, which sometimes have even higher quality. Thanks to the huge savings that our system allows, the customer can afford to invest in the quality, creating stronger and more durable structures.


The Personal Factory system allows producing batches of only 100 kg of different products at the 5 minutes intervals. This has two advantages:
- possibility to manage colour in a complex and an advanced way with dry mortars. Any powder product, which can be found in a store can be coloured.
- possibility of a virtually unlimited use of binders (gypsum, lime, hydraulic lime, cement, etc.) that can be replaced in the machine within few minutes. In parallel, our customers can use typical to the traditional local production materials without causing any complications.


The Personal Factory has a big advantage of having an extremely fast return on the investment. Basing on the statistics values, we can see, that, on average, our customers are able to repay a manufacturing plant completely in a time ranging from 6 to 18 months, depending on the product range and a choice of the production volumes. Accordingly, we have many agreements with the leasing companies, that can offer packages to 5 years with the affordable rates.


The retailer is able to produce everything requested at the time when an order received. This means zero risk to the unsold products.