An integrated solution

Personal Factory revolutionizes the business model of building chemicals production with its ORIGAMI plant.

The ORIGAMI plant is the only integrated solution currently on the market that produces dry mixes. In an extraordinary simple, fast and safe way, it manages all phases of the process: intelligent management of raw materials, dosage according to a recipe, mixing, packaging, process control, product traceability.

The 3 promises of Personal Factory

Promise #1 - Become a producer in a tenth of the time

Become immediately operational with the Personal Factory system. In 3 months, if you want, everything will be ready: you will be able to produce and sell plasters, microcement, etc.

Promise #2 - Become a producer in a tenth of the investment

Manufacturing with Personal Factory and the ORIGAMI plant does not require large capital assets. An ORIGAMI plant costs on average one tenth compared to a traditional plant and the investment in R&D and marketing has already been widely realized by Personal Factory.

Promise #3 - Become a producer in a tenth of the space

With a surface area 10 times smaller than with the traditional system, you can easily become a manufacturer of building products in a simple shed. While a traditional factory occupies hundreds of square meters, the ORIGAMI plant stands in just over 20 square meters.

How it works


Produce in 3 steps

A premix for the construction industry is composed of 90% to 95% by binders and aggregates (sand, cement, lime, gypsum, ...) present all over the world. Chemical additives and resins, i.e. the know-how of the product, are only a low percentage of the compound. With Personal Factory, only this small part is transported, thus reducing costs and waste.
With the Personal Factory system, everything is simple. First step, the choice of raw materials: you get the raw materials, Personal Factory provides the chemical kit. Second step: you produce only what you need thanks to the ORIGAMI plant. Third step: you have a quality finished product, certified, tracked, immediately available for sale.

Choice of raw materials

With Personal Factory, you produce using local raw materials, avoiding transport costs over long distances and adapting to the local market. Personal Factory supports you throughout the supply chain: the raw materials chosen will be tested in our laboratory to ensure quality products, adapting the formulas if necessary. Sand, hydrated or hydraulic lime, white or grey cement, plaster,... The absence of cross-contamination makes it possible to process all these materials and others in the same plant, without risk. The only limit is that the products must be dry and have a maximum grain size of Ø 2.5 mm.

Chemical kit supply

Thanks to its thirty years of experience in the building chemistry sector, Personal Factory supplies the chemical kits and pigments suitable for production with its ORIGAMI plants.
The kits are presented in a sealed single-dose bag, ready to use, to make 100 kg of finished product. You can produce, without the need to know formulas, without dosing errors, a wide range of products. Personal Factory takes care of formulation and laboratory tests, all to provide a pre-dosed kit suitable for the needs of your market.

Producing with Origami

ORIGAMI is the exclusive production plant patented by Personal Factory. In a few square meters, it stores, weighs, mixes, packs and traces everything from raw materials to the single package of finished product. Together with the supply of chemical kits, Personal Factory offers you complete assistance for the installation, maintenance and management of your ORIGAMI plant.

A wide range of finished products

Our catalogue includes about a hundred products from microcement to tile glue, from gypsum base smoothing plaster, self-levelling plaster, restoration mortar and much more to cover all applications. The decorative products are all available in coloured version, with pigments treated with the exclusive solidsperse technology.
In addition, thanks to our exclusive technology and our state-of-the-art laboratory, we can create or adapt tailor-made products that take into account a specific raw material, a particular market need, the climate where they will be applied, etc.. Infinity possibilities of customization.

Many advantages

Just in Time products

A premixed powdered product for the building industry is composed on average of 95% of raw materials such as sand, cement, lime, gypsum etc. that can be found everywhere in the world. Thanks to Personal Factory, these are taken close to the production site. Only the technological part of the product is transported, i.e. the chemical compound that represents from 2% to 5% of the finished product.  Thus, we have reduced the volume transported over long distances by 95%. Thus, we favour local production and therefore the local economy. Thus, there is no need to store large quantities of product. Products made at the moment, when needed. 

Quality products & processes

Because quality is at the heart of our concerns, every bag of finished product has a unique traceability code, recorded in the cloud system. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of the product, from the formulation in the laboratory to the shelf, from raw material management to production cycles. 
In addition, perfect traceability allows us to have certified products that meet CE standards. All this is supported by a marketing services assistance on documentation, technical data sheets, bags, and more to propose a complete quality offer.

Wide range & low costs

Thanks to Personal Factory, you become a manufacturer with all the advantages: fewer intermediaries, less transport, this translates into an increase in margin.
In addition, the range of products offered by Personal Factory already has more than 100 products, but with our system, you can also customize the formulas, integrate and expand the product range. In this way, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. All this without incurring the cost of a specialized laboratory, as Personal Factory makes its own available to its partners.

A dedicated laboratory

Thanks to its advanced equipment, Personal Factory can check the quality of raw materials, test new raw materials to create ad hoc products, certify products, customize products for a specific climate or a particular raw material. 
In addition, Personal Factory makes its partners benefit from the technologies developed in its laboratory with research center.

Discover our laboratory.