About us

If you too want a world where the production of the best  inc class construction chemicals and materials in the class local and close to the end user anywhere, with the lowest possible and sustainable carbon footprint, then Personal Factory is the ideal partner for a production project.

Years of experience

Personal Factory was founded after more than 25 years of experience in the powder mixtures, as the spin-off of the research activity, financed from the public and the private companies, operating in the powders. The experience and the spirit of the innovation of young and dynamic men, have been the main driver of the economic and competitive results of the company.

A recognized company

Different technologies in the sectors of software, hardware and business model have been finalists in 11 international competitions, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the employees. In addition, Personal Factory won the first prize in the Best Practices 2012.Its constant innovations have brought it numerous recognitions and 3 Seals of Excellence issued by the European Commission for the most promising innovations.

Worldwide presence

Over the past two years, 25 customers from all over the world have chosen the integrated system Personal Factory, as a productive solution.
Present with installations in seven countries, it currently has a network of customers and distributors in strong expansion. This allows, with an extreme safety, the efficiency of the assistance service both in terms of the manufacturing techniques and in terms of the hardware and the software.

An innovative company

Equipped with an advanced research center, it invests more than 30% of the turnover in R&D. The entire system: electronic, software, cloud platform and mechanic,- is therefore internally developed integrating perfectly the various parts.

A solid company

The company has two production sites and a staff at the same time young and experienced.
The presence of stable shareholders incentives the security of the investments. This factor, summed up with the identity characteristics and distinctions of the company, is the driving force of the present and the future growth.