CloudFab 4.0 is the software on board the ORIGAMI plant control machine that manages tens of thousands of process configurations and parameterization. An integral part of the entire ecosystem designed by Personal Factory, it has been entirely designed by Personal Factory engineers to ensure perfect coordination between the plants and the iNephos cloud management and parameterization platform.
The interfaces have been designed to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. Step-by-step guide, animations and photos: everything has been put in place to make even the most complex operations easy and intuitive. Production within everyone's reach.


  • software onboard to manage the Origami production plant
  • step-by-step logic, the operator only chooses what to produce, in which amount and the kind of packaging
  • automatic product traceability system without the need to enter information
  • real data recording for raw materials, batches, process and final goods information


Thanks to its touch screen interfaces, managing all aspects of production is very simple and fast. Through the large 17-inch touch screen monitor, the software guides the operator step by step even using animations. The software, in an automatic and absolutely invisible way, manages all aspects of traceability, guiding even the simplest operations.


The software requires an internet connection to work. With each purchase of new chemical kits or when the operator decides to update it, the machine automatically connects with our central server on which we have all formulation databases constantly updated. The system downloads new products, new formulas or modifications to existing formulas during the connection.


With ORIGAMI platform, we set out to ensure the highest possible quality standards. These standards cannot be separated from the complete traceability of the final product. That’s why we have equipped it with technologies that are able to guarantee, in a totally automatic and invisible way, more than 20,000 information per bag.

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