iNephos is a cloud platform internally designed and created, that enables the complete traceability of the products realized with ORIGAMI plants, the management of costs, prices, budgets and the warehouse.
Every information and data related to your production plant are recorded in your private area on the Cloud platform. You can easily access this platform through a simple browser, by going on the site and entering your credentials. The platform is protected, as well as your data, by an SSL encryption protocol.


  • browser-accessible software on cloud, designed to manage the parameters of production processes
  • vertical system for the management of information: formulas, machine parameters, quality management, budget and costs, warehouse and more
  • advanced asynchronous and discontinuous synchronization management with CloudFAB 4.0
  • interface with thousands of possible adjustments, both for process and product
  • massive management system of account and access permissions that allows to differentiate access to economic, formula or machine control informations


This first level of enablement can be used to:
  • verify every process of the plant
  • have access to the virtual warehouse where all your purchased kits are registered
  • look at and study the history of every single bag of finished product
  • ensuring the correct CE marking of materials


You can use this function to:
  • manage the virtual warehouse of raw materials, recording incoming movements in the warehouse and calculating consumption for production by means of Origami
  • complete traceability by adding details about the production team, indicating the name of the operator, production manager, quality manager, technical consultant, supplier
  • calculate the productivity of your system by checking the average number of bags produced per hour


You can use this function to:
  • create a forecast and/or a final budget
  • see complete catalogue of Personal Factory compounds available
  • generate your own catalogue of finished products

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