Our technologies

An integrated system

The Personal Factory's software ecosystem represents the state of the art for production management. An ecosystem composed of CloudFab on-board software and the iNephos cloud platform.
The coordination between the two systems does not need to be in real time but allows the use of both platforms even without connection. The synchronization management is entrusted to a third proprietary software. This ensures the highest and most advanced level of traceability available on the market today.

Integrated system

The Personal Factory solution allows to have an integrated system born to work in an automatic and coordinated way.
The elements that make up the system are:
- the exclusive patented robotized plant Origami,for the production of premixed powdered products, with its proprietary electronics for process management and control;
- the exclusive administration platform based on cloud computing and accessible via simple browser, iNephos;
- the advanced CloudFab front-end machine control software that through simple and intuitive management actually manages tens of thousands of process configurations and parameterization.

Digital Twin

The system works according to the principle of digital twin: each physical plant has its own digital twin, a virtual representation of the plant that records all its activities, learns from them and can update itself, exchanging information with the administrator and other plants.
Every adjustment operation, new formula loading, production check, alarm check, etc. is carried out via browser on the digital twin. This allows to perform all these operations even without having access to the plant, or with the plant switched off or disconnected. And without having to interrupt production. The synchronization between the 2 systems is ensured by the proprietary coupling software that works with industrial level protection transactions and standards.

Security and data management

The system is installed on a server owned by Personal Factory, in an independent web farm, with protection of the structure of military level, secure and certified, inaccessible and protected. The system includes a geolocalized backup system in another country ensuring a complete, instant and automatic disaster recovery even in case of a dramatic incident in the webfarm.
Personal Factory personnel have no access to the webfarm or your data. Only a limited part of the support staff has access to sensitive information.

Highest traceability in the world

Every single operation performed by the plant, from raw material loading to Origami operators, everything is recorded and associated to the digital twin of the machine. Every single package generates a unique traceability code. All the information related to the process of the single bag such as product name, recipes, date of purchase of raw materials, quantities actually loaded in the formula, plant adjustments at the time of the process, all the times of the individual components and related adjustments, such as mixing time, mixer speed, discharge valve adjustments, real weight of the package, operator name, formula manager etc. are recorded and associated to the code of the package.
This allows up to 20,000 individual information per bag to be traced. All accessible via browser instantly. Ensuring the highest quality control and traceability in the world, automatically and without human intervention.

Pioneers of Industry 4.0

As early as 2009, Personal Factory introduced Cloud Manufacturing to the market: the dematerialization of the manufacturing process applied to machines. In 2010, in Germany, the term Industry 4.0 was coined, which is commonly based on 5 criteria that Personal Factory included in its Cloud Manufacturing concept.


The term referes to a solution that provides for collaborative robots interconnected and quickly programmable.

In Personal Factory, it means:
  • the automatic management of traceability, quality control and diagnosis
  • self-assisted procedures and step-by-step operator guidance with intuitive interfaces


The term referes to the integration of information along the value chain from supplier to consumer.

In Personal Factory, it means:
  • a single centralized information management system
  • a smart supply chain
  • the integration of information between customer and supplier through the Origami system
  • the integration of information from the laboratory to the finished product


The term refers to the multidirectional communication between production processes and products.

In Personal Factory, it means:
  • components that communicate with each other via TCP/IP connections
  • future scalability guaranteed by the use of web protocol
  • plants using internet for formulas, production parameters, service and traceability


The term refers to the management of large amounts of data on open systems.

In Personal Factory, it means:
  • an integrated cloud platform with over 2 million pieces of information
  • the dematerialization of the manufacturing process applied to machines
  • knowledge and experiences of the individual shared
  • strong control and data centralization


The term refers to the analysis of an extensive database to optimize products and production processes.

In Personal Factory, it means:
  • the management of 50,000 parameters and information at the same time for each package
  • data analysis for constant and continuous improvement of production processes