ORIGAMI TOWER can handle up to 32 raw materials simultaneously in formula. At zero cross-contamination between batches. Thanks to the innovative dosing system and the innovative mobile turbomixer on 2 axes and single total opening, it is possible to produce gypsum or cement based products in the same plant.
ORIGAMI TOWER is equipped with the most advanced Personal Factory technologies for dosing, mixing and packaging. Totally configurable, it can process 2 different families of aggregates. The plant is expandable and hyper-standardized. It has only 2 screw conveyors formats. This allows to manage the spare parts warehouse with ease. The distributed intelligence electronics greatly simplifies wiring and subsequent maintenance as well as allowing timely, real-time diagnostics on each individual component. All components work on protocol and interface to our iNephos cloud platform.
up to 32 raw materials
at the same time
custom packaging
Storage and processing of raw materials • up to 2 tanks for unprocessed aggregate loading
• 1 drum oven for drying of aggregates
• 1 cyclone of dried powder suppression with filter
• 1 hammer grinder
• 1 screen feeding bucket elevator
• 1 cyclone for aggregate dedusting and selection
• up to 2 nutation screens for the selection of 2 different aggregates
Storage and weighing of raw materials • up to 13 silos of 39 cubic metres equipped with screw conveyor, fluidisation horns, 323 mm percussors
• up to 12 silos of 16 cubic meters with 219 mm screw conveyor
• up to 3 MOVAHOP PLUS
• up to 4 MOVAFEED
• up to 6 raw material scales
• up to 4 independent scales for primary raw materials
• 1 secondary raw materials scale
• 1 formula integration scale
Loading of raw materials & safety • BB forklift truck (1 unit)
• double safety gate (1 unit)
• safety gangway + railing (up to 12 units)
• cover for unloading area (1 unit)
Mixing • Origami Pear Mixer with movement on 2 polar axes and 10 positions for loading and unloading nozzle
Packaging • up to 3 packing nozzles
• up to 2 VFFS fillers
• automatic putter
• automatic palletizer
System • electric and pneumatic panel
• centralized vacuum cleaner for dust abatement in plant
Raw material management up to 32 at the same time
Scale for formula integration present
Finished products portfolio ratio 100%
Productivity 25 ton/h
Typical mixture quantity 1.000 kg
Labor 1 operator 
Powder management centralized vacuum cleaner for dust abatement in plant
Packaging types bag or bucket
Packaging weight customed size
On the ground (m)
• tower
• warehouse

ø 13,5 X 28H
6 X 20 X 7H + 5.3 underground
Movement area (m) 14 X 34 X 28H + 5.3 underground
CloudFab 4.0
personalized account iNephos

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