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10 products for Floor design : realization of aesthetic quality flooring and stamped concrete.

pietra liquida SPE07

Multi-purpose latex ready-for-use, ideal for increasing adhesion, abrasion resistance, water resistance; can be used instead of mixing water in the ranges NANOSTUCCO

nanostucco 200 NAN02

Two-component, spatulable, colored coating. Highly hydrophobic, with very high adhesion and elasticity, suitable for any kind of substrate, such as metal, ceramic, cement, MDF, etc., for walls, floors and furniture, for the production of textured finishes. Available in different grain sizes and textures, based on cement, very fine-grained spherical quartz, resins and additives.

neokera h 500 NEO13

Sprinkled hardener with hardening surface function for coloring and finishing of stamped concrete, very high surface resistance, based on quartz, cement, resins and additives, with wetting function.

neokera skin NEO06

Monolayer mortar, ideal for the construction of monolithic floors with stamped texture in situ. Low thick, even in overlay on existing concrete, based on cement, selected quartz sands and additives.

speciali emulsionmix SPE05

Multi-purpose synthetic resin to improve adhesion, elasticity and water resistance in cement based mortars

neokera intonaco 200 NEO09

Monolayer fiber-reinforced waterproof mortar for stamped plaster walls, with excellent performance, based on cement, selected silica sands and additives, class CR CSIV W2.

neokera intonaco 500 NEO12

Monolayer plaster with very high performance and extremely high adhesion power, fiber-reinforced, waterproofed, for stamped plaster walls, ideal for the construction of textures with very deep molds, up to 7 cm, artificial rocks, finishes with presence of waterworks, pools, etc. Based on cement, selected silica sands and additives, class CR CSIV W2.

pavimix ff 200 PAV10

Self-leveling colored mortar for flooring. High adherence, low elastic modulus, wear resistant, high workability, based on cement and special hydraulic binders, class CT C30 F7 A6.

neokera intonaco ecocalix NEO11

Monolayer fiber-reinforced plaster, based on natural hydraulic lime, for finishing stamped concrete at walls with high performance, ideal for historical restoration and production of breathable finishes, based on natural hydraulic lime, selected silica sands and additives, class CR CSIV W2.

isolplano drain PLA09

Two-component, powder + gravel mortar, for the production of draining colored concrete, with high performance, accelerate drying and setting, high draining effect, ideal for construction of parking lots, squares, sidewalks, suitable for vehicles, based on hydraulic cementitious binders, selected aggregates and additives.