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3 products for Mortars for flooring pre-mixed cement- or anhydrite based, self-leveling for floor substrates.

isolplano cm PLA01

Premixed powder screed. Ready-for-use, for smooth application, fast drying, fast setting, high workability, ideal for the construction of floating and bonded screeds and for large surfaces, based on cement.

isolplano raso 50 PLA12

High performance, quartz based leveling mortar. Quick use time, fiber-reinforced, used to smooth and level low-thick concrete flooring, based on cement, quartz, resins and special additives, class CT C20 F6.

isolplano drain PLA09

Two-component, powder + gravel mortar, for the production of draining colored concrete, with high performance, accelerate drying and setting, high draining effect, ideal for construction of parking lots, squares, sidewalks, suitable for vehicles, based on hydraulic cementitious binders, selected aggregates and additives.