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4 products for Lime/cement skim coats for smoothing walls, for realization of plasters and indoor outdoor coatings.

isolmix rasante ccm ISO22

Low-thick skim coat with high breathability, excellent workability and adhesion, for indoor application, based on cement, hydrated lime, selected sands and special additives, class GP CSIV W0.

isolmix rasocol ccm ISO32

Adhesive coating for low thick rendering, highly breathable, hydrophobic, with excellent workability and adhesion, based on cement, hydrated lime and special additives, class GP CSIV W1.

isolmix rasante 300 ccm ISO40

Very fine-grained, medium performance, powder skim coat, for low thick smoothing and finishing, ideal as substrate of paints and varnishes. Based on cement, mineral filler, additives and resins, class GP CSIII W0.

isolmix rasante 500 w ccm ISO25

Very fine-grained, low-thick coating, suitable for use as a substrate of paints, varnishes and stuccos, based on cement, hydraulic binders, high quality natural aggregates, additives and resins, for internal and external application, class GP CSIV W1.