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5 products for Resins / additives / protectives for building materials, to improve mortars performance or to protect micro cement surfaces.

speciali evapormix SPE01

Powder additive for thick restore plaster, for mortar evaporating, water repellent, compensated shrinkage and improved adhesion

speciali isolrain SPE03

Water-repellent at impregnation, breathable, colorless, based on siloxane resins in aqueous solution, ideal as anti-salt treatment on interior and exterior walls and to protect plasters, paints, mortars and artifacts from water

speciali isolfer SPE04

Two-component cementitious paint, to inhibit rust, for the treatment of iron in restoration of reinforced concrete

speciali emulsionmix SPE05

Multi-purpose synthetic resin to improve adhesion, elasticity and water resistance in cement based mortars

speciali elastic SPE06

Acrylic resin with low temperature of vitreous transition and very low elastic modulus